Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I need a nap

I'm so tired recently, I haven't the energy to blog. I keep telling myself to go to the doctor and have my iron levels tested, but I haven't been as yet. I do take naps in the afternoon, and by this I mean I pass out with no choice of my own, and when I get up I feel so much worse. I feel sick to my stomach and just a general weirdness for hours afterwards. And then I won't be able to sleep at night and it's a vicious circle. So until I get this sorted out, I'm too much of a zombie to write anything of interest.


  1. Try some over the counter iron stuff, just to see if it helps :) I know what you mean about the afternoon naps (pass out times). I will desperately miss those next week when school starts :(

  2. I only felt like that when I was pregnant. Dare I ask?

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Someone I don't know posted a comment for me! This is a new level of success. I'm very excited.

  5. Thx for dropping by. I can only write when inspired, sometimes inspiration comes a couple times a week, sometimes, once a month, hehe.

    I'm sure as a married person with a son, you have a much more interesting life than I do. Keep up the good work!


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