Thursday, February 26, 2009

One from my honeymoon...

N and I were married many years ago. When I moved to this country, the restrictions of my visa were that we were to marry within 6 months. I wasn't able to work during that time and I wasn't able to leave the country for a further year.

It was a bit of a struggle planning the wedding from a different country and things were mostly left to N to sort out as there just wasn't time as it was just over three months between me flying into England and us getting married. So N hired the reception hall, booked the church and took care of the food. I did bridesmaid dresses and flowers when I arrived. We did manage the photographer and the videographer together. And then there was the honeymoon.

I did dream of Europe or somewhere farther afield for our honeymoon. But it wasn't to be. We were stuck in this country. We decided on the Moray Firth region of Scotland to honeymoon. It was the stories of bottlenose dolphins that brought us up there. Excited, we booked a country cottage named 'Dolphin Lodge.'

But of course, we married in December and it was too cold for dolphin sightings. So disappointing! We had fun anyway, taking long road trips into the middle of nowhere, stopping off at roadside shops to pick up quirky little things we wouldn't find anywhere else, enjoying other ..ahem, honeymoon activities. There was a farm near where we stayed and I remembered there were two ponies that had a little horse 'fight' when we drove by and we stopped to watch as they reared up at each other. I have great memories of our Scottish holiday. Wouldn't change it for anything.

Where do you go or where would you like to go on your honeymoon?


  1. Eoin and didn't actually have a honeymoon as we were both to poor to pay for one but then you remember the madness that was my three weddings.

    We've made up for it since and tend to go away for our aniversary each year.

    I love Scotland, its a wonderful place. Sounds like you had a lovely honeymoon :-)

  2. that sounds like such a nice honeymoon! i still dream of touring all of europe-- england, scotland, ireland included. maybe one day... but i love your story and i love reading about your adventures there.

    for our honeymoon we went on a cruise to puerto rico, the virgin islands and the bahamas. i chose a cruise because our wedding planning was so hectic that i wanted to go somewhere far far away where no one could reach me and there were no phones. and that's what we did. a little city on the sea and we got massages and ate delicious fancy dinners and kayaked in the bluest ocean waters and had foofy cocktails with umbrellas and lots of rum punch and played miniature golf backwards... we had the time of our lives for one whole week. i love cruises. except for the 7 pounds i brought back with me. we do plan on having a nice 5 year anniversary abroad (hopefully) and i hope that might be my shot at a european vacation.

  3. We went to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, ten years ago for our honeymoon. We got married in November, so it was nice to go somewhere hot for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, I was ill for part of it, which was either the food or too much alcohol - can't decide which!

  4. We didn't really get to have a honeymoon. We stayed a few extra days in the town we got maarried in, but my mom was with us.. We couldn't really enjoy time together.

  5. You know I havent even even thought about it.. I would love to go to tibet, wether it was a honeymoon or not!

  6. The Moray Firth! I was in Rosemarkie last year and I just loved it. It's such a gorgeous area. Sadly, I saw no dolphins either. Nor seals. But it was lovely anyway :)

    If money weren't an issue I'd love to go somewhere like the South Pacific for my honeymoon - to a place where I probably wouldn't go otherwise. But you know, I'd happily go to Scotland too :)

  7. Nymeth - it is a lovely area of Scotland. What were you up to in Rosemarkie? South Pacific does sound nice. Expensive, but nice :)

    Emmie - Ooh, I'm with you on that one!

    Becca - hmm, your mom on your honeymoon does sound kind of like a buzzkill. Maybe you could do something nice for your first anniversary. That's coming up soon, right?

    Scrap Girl - sounds wonderful, apart from the ill thing. Mexico is one of those places I'd like to visit again now that I'm older and might appreciate it more.

    Christie - I've never seen the appeal of cruises until your comment! Now they sound great! Who needs the added stress? I so want a holiday after reading all these comments.

    Shadowfalcon - I still can't believe you had three weddings. Absolute madness! Oh I love the idea of going away EVERY YEAR. The luxury of that.. I haven't had a proper holiday since I was pregnant with Elliot nearly four years ago.

  8. We had one rule for our honeymoon - go somewhere neither of us had been before. We chose Costa Rica for its mild temperatures and focus on the outdoors. No regrets there - we had an amazing time.

  9. I was spending a few days in Inverness, and on the last day I had already been to all the "must see" places. So I just entered a bus going in the general direction of the Black Isle, and ended up in Rosemarkie. I spent the whole morning there just walking around and had a lovely time :)


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