Monday, April 03, 2006


So, OK - I watch too much TV. But not really. I watch too many TV programmes on DVD. But there are a few shows I just can't bear to not watch, the new series of ER (even though it's gotten a little worse, I can't let go) and Prison Break. Currently. Anyway, our usual thing is to record Prison Break (which is on Mondays) and wait until the weekend and curl up on the sofa and watch it without the ad breaks. But we've just moved, and our connection has been changed, and OH NO! Bloody Channel Five is all blocky and horrible to look at, so we've missed last week's show. Tried downloading it, and of course, of COURSE! we manage to download the only dodgy file out there (but have now got up to where they're at in America!) and have only gotten through the first half hour. Bum. And I read next week's synopsis in the TV Times. I saw Holly Valance's name in the credits and thought, hmm, why? Now I know :( But oh well. There were other good programmes I managed to catch snippets of last night. One I would have never gone out of my way to watch, but interesting anyway - that programme about survival by Ray Mears. I haven't seen any of it before, but I liked the history bits he included, and the fact that he carved that spoon. I guess I missed the part about the ants. Probably for the best. But Planet Earth. OK, I love nature programmes. I'm such a geek, but I do. One of my favourite films is this IMAX film about Dolphins, I just loved it so much (I have it on DVD. And the Soundtrack) But somehow I missed watching Planet Earth. It'll have to be something I rent now.

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