Thursday, April 23, 2009

DTD, Day 13: Easter Trail at Virginia Water

Days like these are the reason that I started this Doing Things Differently project. We went somewhere different, we did something as a family and we had a lot of fun doing it. I really wanted to do something with Oldest for Easter this year. Last year, Littlest was born the Thursday before the Easter weekend and we were so busy with newborn chaos that we weren't able to take Oldest out for an Easter hunt like we planned. And we didn't this year either!

It rained the Saturday and the Sunday so we decided to stay indoors. But Monday rolled around bright and dry, so we took the boys (and N and our best friend, A) to Virginia Water for an 'Easter Trail.' Oldest was too young for it though, and N and A answered most of the questions that we were looking for as we walked around the lake. But it didn't matter. Oldest loved stomping his feet through mud puddles and running about in the trees. He even made a 'snow angel' as he was laying on the grass surrounded by flower petals. He had so much energy running around for most of the afternoon. And how was he rewarded? With a big bag of chocolates. Just what he needed :)

It really was a beautiful day.


  1. It alwaysn looks like you guys have the best days. :)

  2. I live quite close to Virginia Water. I've never been there though - it looks lovely!

    I'll have to go and have a look one day!

  3. Its a very real possibility that one day I'll be walking through the park and see you. SMALL WORLD

  4. What a beautiful place - looks like you had fun.

  5. Looks lovely! I need to start doing something like this with the husband.. get us out of the house more..

  6. Congratulations on a beautiful day. Today I witnessed a deer swimming in the lake in the country park in Salford - isn't it great to discover these magical places that exist on your doorstep? I love reading your blog, keep writing.

    Emily xxx

  7. it looks like a beautiful day too michelle that sun is bright!

    I love the photos especially the one of you and the boys walking :) You look lovely x

  8. awesome awesome pictures! especially the one in the plants and the snow angel!! soo cute!

  9. Christie - Those are my favourites as well, Elliot is such a character!

    Emmie - I was really impressed with the weather, such a pretty day to go for a walk with the kids and some friends! The photos today were all taken by N, by the way. He's a much better photographer than I am!

    Emily - I'd loved to have seen a deer swimming in a lake. And yes, I do love these wonderful places that are right next door to me!

    Becca - it'd be perfect to go for a walk after work, before dinner or just before bed, just the two of you... at least it sounds good in my head!

    Scrap girl - we really did.:)

    Beautiful Intellectual - what a fabulous coincidence that would be when/if that ever happens! I love that the world is so small, so things like that could happen :)

    farmlanebooks - I thought that all the time! I used to work in Staines, and driving home I used to think 'hmm, Virginia Water, I bet that's pretty' and would never stop. It's taken me almost 9 years to take this first walk around and now I feel like I've wasted all that time..

    sleepyjane - it doesn't always feel that way, but looking back on these pictures, it really was the best day!


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