Saturday, April 24, 2010

Haircuts - Before and After!

This week I finally took the boys to get haircuts. It was the first for the Littlest and Oldest was old hand at it all, and went for his third haircut (in 4 1/2 years!). Sorry, all the photos were taken with my mobile phone. And it is beyond difficult to get a decent photo of Littlest. He's always moving. Just look at that mop of hair on Oldest!

Here are the Before photos...

And the After..

There. Much better. They're just so gorgeous. The hair salon we go to are really good. They sit in the boys in front of CBeebies and it works. Both boys seemed to be mesmerised by Big Cook Little Cook. The Littlest wouldn't wear the apron though, and got hair all down himself and all down me, as he refused to sit any where but on my lap. Oh well. It was an experience.


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