Saturday, September 24, 2016

#YAShot and Book Events

Over the last few months I have attended two amazing book events, YALC and the Electric Monkey Blogger Brunch.  I did mini-recaps of both events on my youtube channel and I've included them here in case you haven't yet subscribed.  I think being invited to events such as blogger brunches and meeting up with other book bloggers and book tubers (as well as authors!) at events like YALC are my favourite things about being a book blogger and booktuber.

And just thinking about those two events made me realise that I haven't yet discussed an absolutely amazing event that is upcoming very soon ... #YAShot2016

YAShot is an amazing YA and middle grade festival that is in its second year. Through its designs it pairs authors with libraries in order to inspire a love of reading and to create a programme in which young people benefit through the hard work of Alexia Casale and all the authors and other contributors.  

I went last year (and despite leaving early than I'd expected with a migraine!) I had the absolute best time. Last year there was a great vibe amongst the different venues, lots of passion and enthusiasm, a great line-up and some wonderful people attending and taking part.  I went to lots of different panels, heard some fascinating people speak, had lots of my books signed, laughed and caught up with new friends and old and generally felt the entire day was such a good one.  And I've been looking forward to the attending this event again this year.  

Both last year and this year, I've been asked to take part in hosting a blogging workshop! Here's the little write-up plus bio that appears on the YAShot website:

16.40-17.35 Blogging across different platforms with Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies/Bookish Brits)
Don’t know which platform or combination is for you? Need to figure out what sort of content suits which platform? Not sure how to link everything up or how to balance your time between things? Want to set up a group blog or channel? Get the low-down along with Michelle’s advice on working out what’ll work for you.
Michelle is a YA book blogger, booktuber and founder of the booktuber collab-channel Bookish Brits, as well as being a lifelong bookworm. She loves YA, poetry, celebrating diversity, talking about mental health and supporting UKYA and libraries. Michelle is an American/British mother of two, a part-time university student and a roller-coaster enthusiast. She’s been blogging for over 10 years and, during that time, Fluttering Butterflies has been named in CISION’s Top Ten Teen Literature blogs in the UK for three years; Fluttering Butterflies and Bookish Brits have also been shortlisted for the UKYABA.

So... that's pretty cool, right?  Here's the thing though. I'm definitely bringing lots of passion and enthusiasm to this workshop and over 10 years' worth of experience from a blogging perspective. But help me out here, what is it that you would be interested in hearing from me? I honestly could speak forever about my blogging tips and advice, sharing my blogging advice and highlights ... but what would you really like to hear about? Like I said previously, being part of this community is one of my favourite things ever so I'm reaching out for some advice to make my workshop the most helpful and useful that it can be!

I'd love to have a rough idea of what you'd like from me beforehand and of course if you're in Uxbridge and are free on Saturday 22nd October, I'd love to see you there!


  1. Ooh i'd actually never heard of YAshot before it sounds very intriguing! and i am always so jealous of bloggers that get to go to bookish events, i'm never near any but they always look so fun! i'm off to watch your video now!

    1. Oh I'm sorry to hear that, Hawwa :( I'm kind of out in the sticks too. It's a three hour round trip into London so when I do head there for events, I've got to make it count. And YAShot is definitely worth it :)


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