Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Nothing much to blog about lately. Earlier post says it all - having a crap last few days. Haven't managed to get out of the house in too long - only to open/close the curtains at our old house. Will try to meet up with friends tomorrow, but depends on how Boy is feeling. I'm feeling strange about moving so far away from here. Realised last week it was a waste of time to sign up for classes at my local church - I might not be here in September to take them! Not sure I'll have the courage to ask about it at the next church either. It's been something I've been thinking about for awhile, being baptised. It took some horrid ex-friend of the family to bring it up for me to consider going ahead with it though. Never been very religious, and still can't make it for mass more than once a month (you do better than that with a four month old baby), but we'll see what happens. No news about my brother either, my dad was being very cryptic about the whole situation when I asked him about it. I think it'll be something I'll just put to the back of my mind and ignore. Easier that way, I don't like confrontation. Am reading a terrible book at the moment just for the sake of reading something. Must find good book. Am tired of asking for recommendations. Last time I asked the only response I got was 'Dan Brown.' Haven't tried him, not likely to try any of his books in the near future. I feel alone right now.

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