Saturday, May 13, 2006


Everyday, morning and early afternoon, I'd get a visit from my committee of doctors. I thought at first that it was one doctor and lots of student doctors, but it wasn't - they were all doctors or consultants of some sort. (can anyone tell me why consultants go back to being called Mr?) Anyway, it was pretty much the same thing everyday.. they'd prod at my stomach and say things like 'still tender in the upper abdomen' and tell me I'll have to wait a bit longer (they were forever telling me I'd have to stay in the hospital for a week. No matter how long into my stay I already was, I'd be in there for a week - what's the doctor definition of a week? It certainly isn't 7 days) but one morning, the doctors came in and one of them was wearing this really colourful tie. I couldn't quite make out what it was, so I was glad it was him that came up to poke my tummy. I squinted to see what they were, and blurted out 'they're hippos!' Do you ever get those times when you don't really think before you say something? It happens to me all the time. Poor man got so embarassed and tried to throw his tie over his shoulder (so I couldn't see them maybe?) and the other doctors started laughing. I felt bad. But I was right, there were cute little hippos, sitting in little rows, I loved it. The tie looked nothing like the picture I'm posting either, but aren't they cute as well?


  1. I wouldn't use the term 'embarassed', I'd say, HUMILIATED!


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