Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boy Photos

I feel guilty and I don't know why. When Boy was born we started two websites for him, a blog and a photo website. We had really good intentions - we'd keep the family around the world updated with the blog and take photos of Boy everyday until he's at least a year old. It didn't take long before the daily updates on the blog became weekly updates. But we've still kept up with daily photos of Boy on the photo website. Here's the part where I feel guilty. Yesterday I completely forgot about taking photos (he's so cute and up to so much mischief all the time!) and by the time I remembered, Boy was asleep for the night, and I had to take two sleeping photos. It's not like I forgot to feed him or change his nappy, but I still feel bad. Why am I such a headcase?


  1. Hey Michelle don't feel bad, your only human so you know you allowed to forget things from time to time.

    If it helps we are all head cases in our very strange but unique ways, you won't be you if you otherwise.


  2. I have eleventy billion photos of my first child, a hundred of my second, and maye five of my third.

    You know what they say about best intentions?!

  3. Okay. So if you're a headcase, then I should be institutionalised. I used to be so proud when I took weekly photos. Now I take barely any and videotape even less. I'm bad, very bad.


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