Thursday, June 29, 2006


So you know how everyone has rules for themselves? Should I rephrase this, is it just me? Well, anyway. I had rules for myself when I started this blog. I wouldn't put up photos of my husband (who specifically asked for this) or talk TOO MUCH about Boy. I wouldn't mention where I live, and try to respond to most comments. Somehow an unofficial rule started in that I've never mentioned Boy's name. This wasn't intentional, but I'll carry it on anyway. Anyway. There's a big tick, tick tick next to those first three. And then the comments. Sorry guys. I love that people comment, and I totally DID plan on at least acknowledging them in someway always, but - here's the sad part. My comment moderation completely puts me off. I hate typing those damn stupid letters. And I really get them wrong far too often. And you know the other thing, everytime I comment on my blog, the email notification thing gets sent directly into my Junk mail folder in my Hotmail account. How annoying is that. Am I just lazy or what?


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  2. I know what you mean I HATE those letter but it's better then getting loads of spam. It seems sensible not to mention your husband or son's name I mean there are loads of wierdo's out there.

    (You already know I one of them)


    (sorry this is what I meant to say minus the mistakes)

  3. Phew, I thought it was only me. I swore those comment moderation things were purposely trying to trick me. I mean really, some of the letters can be 1 of 2 letters!!Which results in me having to try numerous times to leave a comment. It's nuts!! Atleast I know it's not my eyes playing tricks.

    Ok so here I go, trying to decipher these jumbled letters again! HA

  4. I'm with you about not using real names, or posting pictures. I've only put one of Boo up but you couldn't see is face, so thats how I justified it.

    I have a hard time responding to comments too. Unless someone asks me something or I need to clear something up I don't know what to respond with!

    I hate those stupid letters too!


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