Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Home Again/Boy Update/Plans

Ah, so we're back at home. It's sad, really. That the weekend went so quickly. That our relatives don't live closer to us. That I've had to spend all morning doing last-minute packing. We did have a nice time though, a very relaxing few days. Elliot enjoyed having 5 people constantly paying attention to him and playing with him. He has four teeth coming through on his top gums, and is strangely OK with that. He's now just days over 9 months old, and I got an email this morning from my husband, that sounded like he's starting to plan Boy's first birthday party. And it's a party that will be in the new house, I do hope everything is unpacked, or at least relatively tidy for that! After tomorrow we'll have no internet connection for a few weeks, so I'm sorry - I won't be able to post new things or comment. Think of me occasionally and send good thoughts!


  1. Hey

    Glad it all went well :-) and Elliot's driving so young! (ohh he looks sooo cute). Good luck with the move and I know you'll love the new place.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I think our kids are really close in age. Alanna will be 9.5 months tomorrow.
    PS I just moved too....good luck to you!

    Happy to hear you had a nice getta way!

  3. He is the cutest child on the internet. Hands down.

  4. I love parens (also called parentheses) too (have even written about it) (is it related to some sort of ADHD?) (see my post called "sermo interruptus"). Cute kid. (Or is it Photoshop?) I'm kidding!

  5. Ok I thought about you today. You're still not back online! Better hurry back I need more stuff to read! Hope all is going well!

    Take Care

  6. Hi. We've just moved house and have no net connection, that's why there's no updates from Michelle at the moment! She'll be back online very soon!


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