Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas cards

It's that time of year that we have to decide who to write out Christmas cards for and then have them sent overseas a million years early for them to make in time for Christmas. For years, we'd send out a ton of cards - to America, India, Canada, Australia, and recieve very little in return. This year, N has made an executive decision that we will not participate in this yearly ritual. In fact, just two people are on our Christmas card list this year: N's lonely aunt who always remembers us on card-worthy occasions, and N's friend in Canada who we've ALREADY RECIEVED A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM. No one else. I feel bad. I'm the sort of person who is quick and free with greetings cards, I'd love to send out birthday cards from everyone, new home cards, good luck cards, hope you feel better cards, just about anything really. But N's point of view is that we send out Christmas cards to recieve them (as opposed to sending holiday cheer). Is that a little Scrooge-ish? I can't quite make up my mind. So, for the handful of people who reads this blog and who I would have normally sent a Christmas card to and won't this year, I'm sorry. Know that I wanted to.


  1. It can be frustrating to keep sending them out and have so few arrive in return, but I do it every year anyway. I'm the same way with birthdya cards. Anyway, I think I share your point of view.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! i met my future hubbo on the internet, too! went to england this spring for the first time and LOVED it- i'm such an anglophile!

    your baby boy is adorable!

  3. Apart from the two cards to both of E's parents I don't bother. I moved in with 12 girls at uni and we all decided sending 132 cards in the same house was insane, haven't bothered to send any to friends snice. Don't feel bad I can see N's point of view and yours, but I guess you can always e-mail.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I haven't even begun designing our Christmas cards yet. Its our first Christmas and i feel some strange obligation to make the first card we send out fabulous.

  5. Hi, you stopped by a friend's blog and I couldn't help but check out your profile. I met my husband on the internet also - about 11 years ago and we'll have 6 years of marriage next month. Your baby boy is beautiful!

    I'm sending out cute cards this year with a family portrait (us and our dogs). It's my first attempt at cards with our portrait in it. Just had to try it. Good idea from shadowfalcon - you can do ecards instead.

  6. I realized I can only comment from my work computer...crazy!

    Anyways I feel the same way. I send christmas cards to spread the cheer, of course, But I want one in return. Now that Chris and I are engaged I will include his family for the cards..Lets see what happens


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