Sunday, November 26, 2006


Lots of fun was had today. Everything turned out OK - the food was good, the cake tasty, the decorations we'd put didn't fall off, there was lots of good company. There was quite a few people who couldn't make it, but I'm not sure many more would have fit in our house. We took a load of pictures and some video, but I haven't looked at either as yet, so will try to post something later on this week. We decided that Elliot won't be opening ANY presents until birthday, which means waiting for Tuesday, and instead the presents will mock him from the dining room table for a few days, poor lad. It sort of feels like Christmas is over, we put so much time and energy into preparing for this party, for anticipating it, and it was over in a few hours. It was very cute to see Elliot with the three other little children who came. It just happened to be Elliot and three little girls. He gave each a little pat on the head, and I think one lucky little girl got a kiss. :) I'm exhausted though, and can barely concentrate.. I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I had!

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  1. Wow the cake looked incrediable :-)

    I'm gald it all went well and you had a good time :-)

    hugs and kisses to the birthday boy for tomorrow.


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