Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Slow Money

Absolutely ages ago, I joined a thing called yougov. I don't really understand it, but they pay me 50p for every survey I take. It only takes a few minutes and they're pretty simple surveys - you fill in some details and they email you when surveys come up. Anyway, I thought what hell, it's free money - the only catch is, you can only withdraw the money in your account after you've accumulated 50 pounds or more, which means waiting around for 100 surveys to come my way. UNLESS... I refer other people. So this is what I'm doing now. Please help me to not be broke, and you can make money of your own. Be nice to me, click on this link and register...

Thank you. (more interesting posts to follow, I promise. I've just had another rotten day.)


  1. Well I would have gladly signed up but I think I have to be over where you're living. NO? I am actually part of a few panels and take surveys myself. Sometimes I get good ones that pay $1 - $5 depending on if you qualify. Good Luck. I signed up with a few of them quite sometime ago because I love taking surveys

  2. Will have a look, hope the days gets better :-)


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