Thursday, December 21, 2006

Musical Confessions

- For years and years and years, I only ever listened to 50s and 60s music

- The song that magically turned me onto more popular music was 'I Swear' by All 4 One

- I didn't cry when Take That broke up

- But I still love their music (And have their latest album on my 'to be downloaded' list)

- If I could (and now that I don't work in a shop) I think I'd play Christmas music all year long (N barely tolerates it even at Christmas)

- When Michael Jackson and Madonna were really popular in the 90s, I pretended I listened to them and said I loved their songs, when really I had no idea

- I have a lot of albums on my computer that I don't like to admit I have, including Justin Timberlake and Will Young

- I took up listening to Metallica in high school to impress a boy

- Songs from the Wizard of Oz always cheer me up

- Even though I can't sing in tune to save my life, I still dream about singing professionally (if I tried out for X Factor, I'd totally be one of the contestants people would make fun of)

- The radio is always playing in our house, usually to Magic or Capital Life that plays the same cheesy songs over and over

- I write down the very cheesiest songs for me to download!

- Everytime I hear On My Own from Les Miserables, I feel like crying - because I connect it with Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek

*I saw this at What On Earth Is That Smell? and thought it was a great idea.. a new meme is born I suppose! Try it yourself, and let me know if you're taking part!

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  1. 50's and 60's music - really?!?! not me! my mom LOVES 50's music though - but that was her era. definitely not mine. But the dancing looked like fun. my mom said she would dance all night and not stop once.

    I LOVE Les Mis and I watched Dawson's Creek, but I am not sure if I remember the correlation.


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