Monday, January 29, 2007

Fun Goings-on!

Here's a fun roundup:

*Over at An Island Life, there's a cool Valentine's Day Goody Swap everyone should check out!

*I've nominated quite a few of my favourite blog-buddies for the Share the Love Blog Awards 2007 and recommend everyone goes to visit and nominate folks for yourselves, it's giving me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it! (You can't dawdle though, the nomination period is almost over!

*I've always loved (virtual) parties, so was thrilled to find out at 5 Minutes for Mom there's a cool new Ultimate Blog Party that I'm inviting everyone to! It's not until March (thank god) so I have some time to prepare!

*And for more Blog awards (I'm beginning to love nominating, it might turn into an addiction!) over at Everyday Mommy, she's hosting a Hidden Treasure Blog Awards that starts 1st Feb, so check it out!

*And last but not least, check out my new updated Blogs I Read section in my sidebar! I've come across quite a few interesting and fun blogs over the past week or so, and if you're looking for something new, go visiting!


  1. ooo...i made the list! thanks for the ad girly :) I don't remember how i ever started lurking here but it's been fun :)

  2. Did you nominate me? If so, thank you! I'm very excited! :)


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