Monday, February 12, 2007

Meet the Guys Monday - Reuben

Everyone, say hello to Reuben! About two or three Christmases ago, I didn't have a clue as to what to get as a present for my husband, N. If you know anything about N, it should be that he's very creative and doesn't like to 'waste time' and is constantly multi-tasking. I thought a stitch-your-own robin would be a great stocking filler for him, and he could create a new friend whilst watching TV or whatever.
He turned out to quite like it, and so Reuben was born! Reuben got his name while N and I were watching 'Along Came Polly' - and loved Azaria's character ('are you for scuba?') and we sometimes pronounce 'Reuben' in a weird accent. On our last trip back from America (we went to New York when I was pregnant with Boy) we brought Reuben his bandana, which he wears proudly.

When Elliot was a very young baby, my mother-in-law would come over in the mornings and watch Boy while I caught up on my sleep. I'd sometimes hear her telling stories to Elliot and always wondered what was going on downstairs. One day she told me. She said 'Everytime Elliot sees your chicken, he smiles, so I use the chicken to tell Elliot nursery rhymes.' 'Ahhhhh...' I said in response. But wait, I don't have a chicken. She thought our poor Reuben the Robin was .. a chicken. Poor birdy.


  1. Hi Reuben :)

    LOL I don't think he looks like a chicken either, but he is very stylish with his red bandana!

    Thanks for sharing a story about him!


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