Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I've been waiting a long time for this...

...After saying it a million times a day for the past 18 months, Elliot can now say 'ay ub oo' (baby translator: 'I love you') and it melts my heart everytime he says it!

And in other Elliot news, he's not been feeling great the past few days. Over the weekend he had a raging fever. It lasted three days and then disappeared (after almost a whole bottle of Calpol down his throat!) but he's still feeling under the weather. He doesn't seem to have any cold symptoms apart from a runny nose, but he's very clingy, wakes up in the night crying and then sleeps more than normal during the day. He's also incredibly tantrum-y. I find myself losing patience with him and then feeling incredibly guilty, because, of course, he's not well. It looks like a combination of teething (which he's never had a problem with before, even though he has 4 molars)(molars are what the back teeth are called, right?) and the terrible-twos. Whatever it is, it better go away quickly.
(I'm also poorly. I've got a bad cough, constant headaches and am on antibiotics which make me feel terrible and have taken away my appetite.)


  1. I knew it said I love you before you even translated it...How sweet. I am constantly in alanna's face saying I L.o.v.e y.o.u., say with me, I L.o.v.e y.o.u. I can't wait until she finally does....Hope you both feel better soon!

  2. Yes, hoping you both feel better quickly!

  3. dang girl. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry i haven't been around yer blog in a while. I spent the better part of my lunch catching up on your blog.

  4. oh i hope you both feel better soon!!! poor little guy, mine's teething too, he has some of the big teeth coming in and it just looks painful. what a cutie saying i love you!!!!!!!! oh i can't wait. he'll probably say it to daddy first. of course. haha.

  5. Awww, sounds like he's teething, to me. I hope you're all better now :)


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