Monday, June 04, 2007

The travelling bug..

It feels like everyone I know is going on holiday or doing something exciting (like getting married, having babies, or emigrating to foreign lands) and I want to too! Because of our lovely big house, the expenses of spoiling our son with toys and clothes to his heart's desire, and the fact that no one wants to hire me, we will not be going on holiday this year. But I do have a small challenge for you.

Let's say there is 10,000 US dollars handy available in your holiday savings(Monopoly money perhaps?) what would you do with it? Plan me a holiday! Use expedia or whaever travel website you use, but be sure to use it all! Will it be a bunch of weekend getaways? Lots of time in one location? A trip around the world? Plane tickets and hotel bills only, spending money is a different issue...


  1. I didn't plan it out on expedia or anything...But I would get all my blogging buddies and their kiddos together for a trip to Disney world ro something like that.

  2. Ten grand, eh? How about renting an RV and visiting the national parks? Then you'll have lots of money left over for kitschy souveniers.

  3. oh, i would trapse across europe for sure. london, germany, france, spain, and especially italy. of course, all of that would probably cost more than 10k but maybe i could sell some tacos or something to get me by.


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