Sunday, July 22, 2007

And now we have the whining

Wow, have I had the worst cold ever. I know nobody ACTUALLY cares about the details, but I'll tell you them anyway. It's nice to vent sometimes.

Last Friday (sorry, make that the Friday before last), I was so tired I ended up passing out during Elliot's naptime and when I woke up, I woke up with the worst body aches, fever, headache and chills. This lasted for two days. Then my fever broke, and the sore throat showed its head. That was a nice period. There was the one night where I didn't fall asleep until 3am because my nose was so blocked up I could only breathe out of my mouth, which was aggravating my throat. Once my sore throat became semi-bearable, I ended up with an earache. Fun times. I've been to the doctors, all I've heard is 'let the viral infection RUN ITS COURSE' Great. I wasn't particularly looking for an antibiotic handout, but I would have liked something. A token something. Currently, of course, my nose is still blocked, I still have a cough, and my glands are so swollen that it's difficult to speak and/or swallow food. It's been rough. Plus, the lurg has now been passed onto both Elliot and N in varying forms. We are a lovely house of sickness. Hence my absense.

Well, that and Harry Potter. N was superkind (I swear I have the best husband ever) and went out at midnight to buy me the Deathly Hallows. I didn't want to use the computer or look at any blogs until I'd finished the book in case someone accidentally spoiled the ending for me. Let me just say, whew, did I need to carry a whole box of tissues around with me. I quite enjoyed it. More later, I'm sure. It should be back to the previously scheduled blogging routine around here...


  1. happy Birthday to michelle!!!!!
    Hope you are felling better!

  2. Hope you feel better....HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....

  3. well happy birthday to you! hope you feel better too, and stop by my blog because i mentioned you! maybe it'll help you feel better :)

  4. I'm glad you're at least feeling a little bit better!

    Happy Birthday!


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