Monday, August 13, 2007

Words and numbers and my cute little boy

We've been trying to get Elliot to say some new words over the last few weeks. He's gotten quite lazy and only says his favourite words ('hi' 'bye' and 'I love you' mostly). So, we tried different animals and objects around the house. Then we tried numbers. We went through 1-10 and he seemed to pick up on one particular number more than the others and it's now become one of his favourite words. Whenever we try to go back to teaching Elliot his numbers, it usually goes something like this:

Me: Elliot, can you say 'one?'

Elliot: NINE!

Me: How about 'two?'

Elliot: NINE!

Me: Three?

Elliot: NINE!

Sometimes N tries really hard and says 'onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight....' really quickly before Elliot shouts 'NINE!' so then at least everything is correct and we can clap.

Elliot is loving books at the moment. He always has loved books, which I adore, but in the last few days it's become an obsession. Everytime he sees a book, it must be read aloud to him. He keeps pointing at the pictures and seems interested in hearing that he's pointing at a fox or a mouse or whatever, which is good. I hope that does mean that he is indeed ready for more vocabulary, but unfortunately we only have about 7* or so of those books with the cardboard pages that he can play with by myself and not rip the pages. And 7 books read each at least 5 times a day can be incredibly maddening.

*Don't get me wrong, we have eleventy billion picture books in our home. And we would have had more of the cardboard paged books if Elliot hadn't eaten the covers off. And I do mean eaten. Our copy of Guess How Much I Love You had a huge animal-looking bitemark in the cover until I threw it away.


  1. Wonderful post! Kids are so fun :-)

    (Blogging Chicks)

  2. know I've convinced myself that they are eating knowledge when they actually eat the books. Same thing as learning. Hahaha, Christopher at 3 1/2 still eats them and lets not talk about Alyssa.


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