Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wedding stuff...

M tagged me this month to write 7 (was it 7? 8?) things about me, but then I saw over at Gina's that she did a similar thing about her wedding and I liked that better. Plus, it's sort of fitting as this weekend is N and my 7th wedding anniversary. So bear with me, I'm a girl who likes details...

1. I've probably already mentioned this before, but N and I met on the internet. We first started chatting together the 4th of December, 1998. One year later, on the 10th of December 1999, we met for the first time face-to-face. And almost one year later, on the 2nd of December we got married. December means a lot to us, understandably.

2. N and I no longer speak to either of the ushers we had at our wedding, or one of the women who did a reading. I guess we should have chosen different people...

3. I had a big poofy whatchamacallit under my dress to make the skirt poof out more, but in my nervousness that morning, I managed to put the thing on inside out so the scratchy bits were against my legs but I still didn't realise until I'd gotten to the reception.

4. The wedding bands N and I wear were made from melting down N's father's engagement ring. During the ceremony, the rings got mixed up and N's ring ended up on my finger and mine on his, and neither one fit the other, so we had to swap once we were back down the aisle.

5. The only two people who came from my side of the wedding, were my father and friend, Diane. I knew practically NO ONE else at the wedding or reception, but still managed to speak to everyone.

6. I came to England on a fiancee visa, which meant I had a 6 month time period to get married. Our first choice of dates was the 2nd of December, but our fall back choice was the 20th January - which if written out in numbers is 20/01/2001.

7. Our wedding date fell on the eve of Advent, which meant that even while N and I and our guests were still in the church garden having our photos taken after the ceremony, the church wedding flowers were already being cleared out.

8. I can't watch my wedding video because I'm so embarassed at the terrible unprepared speech I made. In fact, if I ever watch the video at all, I only watch the beginning, which starts off with a collage of photos of N and I growing up followed by photos of us together.

Let me know if you're playing along!

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  1. The mixing up of rings- classic! That is very cool that they were melted down, though.


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