Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding treasure

For no apparent reason, I decided this morning to look through some old 'memory boxes' in the garage. I've been keeping memory boxes since I was a teenager to combat my swiss-cheese memory. I have a rotten time remembering things that happened, even major events. The details just slip straight out of my head. Anyway. I came across the most amazing things in those boxes.

Letters that N and I had written to each other before I moved to England, old cinema tickets, keychains and postcards from holidays we'd taken. Menus from restaurants we visited, arcade tickets and coins, my old namebadge from when I worked at Arby's, friend's wedding invitations. The bus timetable from back in Eugene, some Disneyland dollars, all of our wedding cards, a sticker collection I had when I was little. Oh it was some great stuff.

And then there were the photos. I'm too tired to scan them all in now, but I found my high school prom photos, photos of me as a child, my dad's high school graduation photo, a studio photo of my mom, plus loads of photos when I was still working that I've spent the morning uploading onto Facebook. There were so many great memories.


  1. Oh just look at you. The blue suits you too! Beautiful

  2. I would love to stumble upon such, but all of my memory keepsakes (and there are few) have been seen by me and fit neatly inside a shoe box...

  3. That blue dress is beautiful on you...You look gorgeous!

    I love memories


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