Thursday, April 10, 2008

No love

I was walking home from the shops today, when I passed by two women standing in front of the shop doors. Both had children in pushchairs and one was pregnant. Both were smoking. I couldn't help myself from throwing a dirty look their way and muttering under my breath. I don't usually have such a strong reaction to anyone, but I realised today that I have no respect at all for pregnant women who continue to smoke. I have no respect for parents who smoke around their children. And I have no respect at all for people who smoke in places where other people have no choice but to walk through secondhand smoke.

What about you? What things annoy you the most?


  1. just the simple act of walking my kids through someone's second hand smoke makes me gag! you're right! and i get offended that people are making my kids breathe in their crap. (both of my parents smoked -- my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me! i still give her a hard time about that.)

  2. I'm 100% with you on that one.

  3. Oh I hear you. I get so annoyed when I take the kids at Disneyland and have to walk through the "designated smoking areas" with them. It's just not fair. Why don't they just do like other places like the Wild Animal Park and ban it on their premises? I don't want my kids or myself inhaling it Plus it makes me nauseous now.

    At my 1st job in CA there was this very pregnant lady who I saw smoking in the parking lot. She asked me for a light. I looked at her very nasty. I couldn't believe it. After I told her I didn't smoke I couldn't help but to tell her "If I did smoke I would never pass the lighter to you"

    She didn't get mad. So then I asked her if she wasn't afraid of harming her unborn baby. She replied "NO" I smoked with all my kids. Well you know my eyebrows raised and she continued, that they were all fine. I just figure if you're pregnant and smoking can't you keep that mess to yourself and do it at home? I for one hate seeing it and it gets me very upset.

    My parents smoked around us but 1 day my brother and I told my mother that we didn't like it and she never picked up a cigarette again. She apologized to us even but my dad was another story. I remember sitting in the backseat and having ashes blow in my eye. OUCH!!

    Long comment eh?


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