Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Things Change

It's funny, how before I was a mother, I had all these ideals about what I would and wouldn't allow when it came to my children. Things like television. I always said I didn't want to use the TV as a babysitter. And for the longest time, Oldest was never very interested in anything on the television. And he was never that child who knew who all the children's cartoon characters were called (like Thomas the Tank Engine or Postman Pat or whatever) Until now. And since Littlest was born, I've been relying on 'Timothy Goes to School' a lot more than I'd like (a TV show probably not widely heard of). He watches it in the morning, after naptime and sometimes before bedtime. And I still feel a little guilty that he watches it so often, but also I feel a little relieved that I get that half an hour break...
What do you think? What do your kids watch? And how often?


  1. guilty. i hate to admit it. he loves curious george and though i always say the tv will go off right after george -- well, let's just say the tv is still on. it has been especially helpful while i'm nursing because the baby gets distracted so easily and it keeps poops calm. yes, i feel like a bad mom here!

  2. Hey Michelle. Thanks for the congratulations.

    My daughter has been watching (way) too much t.v. lately, especially since the arrival of baby #2. If this weather would warm up already, I'm sure I'd feel more up to taking her and the little guy for walks and other outings. But in the meantime, Maddie has been content enough to watch Max and Ruby, Diego/Dora and on occasion, Timothy as well. It's a shame really. I was more active with Maddie when I was 9 months pregnant than I am now! Go figure.

  3. My kids watch too much TV. They LOVE the LeapFrog videos, and those cause me less guilt, since they are so educational :)

  4. My girls watch TV. I honestly don't feel guilty about it. If I had nothing else to do like work, cook, clean, etc then I could entertain the girls 24 hours a day and they wouldn't watch TV, but since I do have to do all that fun stuff, they watch TV to help mommy...great little helpers :)

    Don't feel guilty...As long as he still gets outside time, reading and the love from you..its okay!


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