Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts (my first)

I just got back from toddler group with Littlest. It's a lot easier going to those things with just one kid. I felt a bit left out though. There were people there I knew, people I used to be close with, and now I feel as though we're all strangers drifting around each other. Is this my fault? Was it me that was supposed to keep in touch with them? Is it too late? All because Oldest goes to preschool on the afternoons that we used to have coffee with them all.

I had a great weekend. But it also made me a little sad. My nephew is seriously underweight. In terms of weight, he's actually in the half percentile for his age. .05% which is why he goes to hopsital everytime he has a cold virus and goes off his milk or food. Poor child. Makes me hold my two chubby boys closer.

I have my university tutorial tonight. I'm really proud of myself because I've actually scheduled the next five years of university courses for myself. And I'm really excited. And maybe for the first time I really believe that this can happen, and that I can do it.

I'm reading Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian at the moment. I'm really liking it and it's making me wonder what my reasons were for not reading it when it came out and everyone was talking about it? But even though I'm enjoying it, I also keep glancing at the next book on my pile...

N just bought Merlin annual passes, so now our summer is all sorted out!

I'm eating leftover Chinese for lunch. It's crazy how much I adore Chinese leftovers.

I really should be hanging my new curtains. Or sitting out in the garden reading my book.


  1. It's always hard when you go back to a toddler group after a break. I'm sure you'll be back with it soon.

    I've just bought a Merlin pass for the first time. Do you take both the kids by yourself? My friends have arraned to go to Chessington later in the week, and I was so worried about having to deal with the two at the same time that I have arranged a baby sitter for the younger one.

  2. Merlin passes - you are so lucky. I keep on at my husband for those.
    I don't remember actually enjoying my children's time at toddler groups. I found it used to get a bit bitchy if I am honest. I think it gets so much better when they go to school.

    I thought i was on my own, enjoying cold Chinese for lunch. Yum!

  3. I never really found a toddlers group I clicked with - all I ever had in common with the other mothers was motherhood. But if you were close once, I'm sure you'll get back into it!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I think sometimes when there's a lot of talk about something it can kinda do the opposite, and make me not want to read/see it. So maybe you're also a contrarian.

    Five years of classes scheduled? Wow, that's super organized!

  5. Scheduled five years of university courses? Wow, you are ambitious. I hope it all works out. It must be hard to juggle it all.

    I'm sorry you felt left out ... maybe you just need a little catching up. ;)

  6. I hope your nephew gets better soon. Good luck with school. It's hard work.My advice is to take your time and be patient with yourself. I've learned that lesson the hard way.

  7. Of course you can do it! Go, girl!!!

  8. Random Tuesday! <-- Random thought!

    I myself like Random Friday.

  9. I love Chinese Food also, but I usually don't have leftovers (lol). I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  10. the merlin pass looks great! plenty fo fun days out for you this year lady!

    I have friends like the ones you describe. I go thru pases of not seeing people for a long time. With my sunshine being 5 and mr man just 2 its hard to fit in social meetings with the tooing and throing from school 3 times a day..

    All I can suggest is maybe arranging with a couple of the mums once a month or something so it isnt stressful for you.. Even a walk in the park on a sat?

    School hols coming again real soon, cud arrange a picnic for you all :) xx


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