Sunday, July 20, 2008


A huge thank you goes to Christie from Baby Tea Leaves for sending this lovely package of Bath and Bodyworks products! She's hosting the Summer of Me Weightloss Challenge (because of which I've lost 4.5 pounds)(had a rough couple of weeks there, but I'm back on the wagon!) and I won this wonderful prize. I felt so excited when the postman rang the bell holding a big package for me. And, AND I'll be getting another package in the mail soon containing this t-shirt from One More Mile. Lucky, lucky me.

I love the people I've met via blogging. Aren't we a lucky bunch?


  1. yayyy! you got it!! oh i'm so happy. boy that took a while!! hahaha! enjoy!!

  2. I agree! Blogging is such a great way of meeting new people!

    I love your prize, it's lovely, gorgeous & sweet!

    Well done you!


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