Monday, September 01, 2008

Back to school

It's back to school time, and I've been reading lots of posts about other bloggers going to grad school or taking their kids to their first day at school and I feel all a bit left out. But did I mention yet? (I have, haven't I?) I am DEFINATELY going back to university. Only it'll be starting next February (160 days from now, but who's counting?!). I have all of fall and winter to prepare myself (and be intensely busy with my dad's proposed visit, the first year Elliot's old enough to go trick-or-treating, my nephew's first birthday, Elliot's third birthday, Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, Christmas, sending Elliot off to HIS first day at pre-school) and then I get cracking on my psychology degree. It's going to be a hard workload, and I'll have very little free time for the next six years, but I can't wait. Here's a little snippet from my first course:

The social sciences are about people, how they act individually and collectively, and the course asks a series of questions at both levels. Individually, to what extent and in what ways are people having to live with change, diversity and uncertainty? How are they organising their lives to do so? Are people responsible for their own destinies, exercising power and making their decisions? To what extent are people’s lives – their food, their employment opportunities, their health – shaped by environmental, social or biological factors beyond their control? Collectively, are we living through a major transformation in society and the traditions that hold it together? What is happening to our sense of belonging as family life and communities change? How are global developments affecting the way we live?

Doesn't that sound exciting?


  1. Congrats on returning to school. Many of us wish we had the time or means. ;)

  2. I was looking into studying humanities and social science, its a fab area of education and I hope you enjoy :) x


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