Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy third birthday, my beautiful boy

Three years ago today I became a mother. What a ride it's been! From the time you said 'mama' to the time you fell down the stairs. My heart swells with pride everytime I look at you, everytime you connect something you've just learned to something you knew before, the fact that you just KNOW what day it is without anyone ever telling you.

You are so funny, and goofy and mischievious. You seem to live for making those around you laugh. You remind me so much of your daddy and I look at you and think 'he's going to break my heart on a daily basis' - and you do. That beautiful face of yours, with that mop of curly hair, and your eyes. I could look into your eyes forever.

I love you so much, especially when you wipe my kisses off your cheeks, mess up your hair after I've just combed it, do the exact opposite of what I tell you, when I see you yanking your trousers up when you're running and when you give me a hug when I least expect it. I love you for your sensitivity, for your kindness to your little brother and all little kids younger than you. I love you for your generosity, your thoughtfulness and your intelligence. I love you for your stubborness and your sulkiness, I love you for your eagerness to please and your quick smile.

I am truly blessed to be your mother, to spend my days with you and to call you mine. Happy birthday, Elliot. Mommy loves you today and always.


  1. I was just about to send you a wall post but this works - Happy 3rd Birthday Elliot!!! I can't believe he is 3 already. the curls are soo adorable!!

    - other stuff - I know what you mean about people who don't read being everywhere - it scares me. The girl next to me prefers to read Heat Magazine to a real book, it brings me to tears that does.

  2. You made me cry!
    I think Elliot is very lucky to have such a beautiful mum. Happy Birthday to you both. x

  3. What wonderful words!! Happy Birthday Elliot!!

  4. Happy third birthday Elliot. It's amazing to watch them learn, you're so right about it. The love for your own child is so intense, it's almost impossible to describe. Thanks for sharing your emotions with us.

    P.S. I love the name, my brother's name is Eliot.

  5. Stopped by to view your blog, and while I'm here, I'd like to wish little Elliot a very happy birthday #3.

  6. Shadowfalcon - I love his curls as well. He needs a haircut, but I feel terrible cutting off his beautiful hair!

    Caroline - I cried writing the post as well!

    egan - It was really difficult to write about how much I love my son because it's so wrapped up in other emotions.

    Emmie, Becca bermuda and Linda - Thank you, he had a fab time!


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