Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New into the house

I feel like a terrible person for not write about these new books sooner! The first, Darfur Diaries by Jen Marlowe is a book I recieved from the ever-awesome Natasha from Maw Books Blog. She took so much time and effort to raise awareness of the Genocide in Darfur and then gave everyone who participated a free book. When it came to choosing which books we were interested in, I knew that I wanted to read a book about Darfur. Because me? Still a little ignorant about the whole situation. A huge thank you to Natasha for doing something important and worthwhile and for posting this book to me!

The second book, is a book I won in a giveaway from Gayle over at Everyday I Write the Book Blog and I'm still shocked that I won. I never win anything. Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek sounds really good, and I look forward to reading it! Did I mention it's signed by the author? Yay for me! and for Gayle! and for Jayne Pupek who sent it out to me!

The last book there is The Call of the Weird by Louis Theroux. I saw it in my local library sale and what can I say? I heart Louis Theroux. Especially his Weird Weekends.

This second pile of books came today, and oh did it make me nervous. And excited and a bit like I was going to be sick. It's the first batch of textbooks and DVDs for my university course I'm starting in February. I wasn't expecting them until after Christmas, and now they're here. Look at them. This means that it's really happening. I'm going back to university. Me. God, what if I fail? What if I don't? It's all very scary.

And finally, this. Isn't it pretty? It's very comfortable. I've wanted this chair for years, but it was always just a bit out of my price range, and now that The Pier has gone into administration I've finally got the reading chair I've always wanted.


  1. Ahh, to sit in that chair and devour your new books! Sounds really wonderful.

    I'm sure you will show your new university coursework who's the boss in no time! (You!)

  2. I've heard great things about Tomato Girl--Enjoy!!


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