Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brought to you by the letter L

This letter meme has been making the rounds, 10 things you love starting with a particular letter. Chris from book-a-rama was nice enough to send me the letter L. Anyone else want to play along and I'll give you a letter to do on your own blog. Or leave your list in the comments!

Love - Especially with Valentine's Day so near it's good to be appreciative of the love. N and I are going out to a Thai restaurant for dinner. No presents this year. What's everyone else doing?

Laughter - My favourite sound in the whole world is when Elliot starts laughing and then Joshua starts laughing with him and they keep feeding off each other's laughter, so much that *I* start laughing. They're usually laughing at me though.

Lists - Oh, lists of any kind. To-do lists, books read, books wanted, books checked out of the library. Lists, lists, lists. How would I manage without them?

London - what's that quote? If you're bored in London, you're bored with life? We went to London last weekend to meet up with some friends. And we did it with no kids! First time in awhile. I had a great time. I still love being a tourist in London.

Libraries - I can now drive to my local library. I go there once a week at least. Libraries have always been my special place. I used to have panic attacks in America because of changes in my life. I'd start hyperventilating and be panicky and I used to run to the nearest library so I could breathe again. LOVE libraries.

Letters - I love getting hand-written letters. I was going to use this space to suggest the idea of pen-pals. I've seen it done on other blogs I read and I think it's a fantastic idea. But when I thought about it more, I thought I'm hardly keeping up with the friends I have even with email and facebook and this blog. I think if I started a pen-pal thing I'd fail miserably. And that's not fair on anyone. It's a nice idea though, and maybe when I'm blessed with more organisational skills..

Lie-ins - At this point, lie-ins seems like a myth. But it can't be, surely. I'll get out of bed past 7:30 one day. When I'm retired maybe. Elliot's been having nightmares lately, so he wakes up either really early or through the night. And then comes in our bed :(

Legoland - It's coming up to Legoland reopening. Elliot's favourite place on earth. I love to see the excitement in his eyes. He's talked about Legoland all through the winter and he knows that it opens again in March, after Joshua's birthday. We'll be there.

Little children - OK, I really meant MY little children. But I have nothing more to say about them just now.

Lots of comments - So I struggled with 10 L words! But lots of comments is always nice!

Other L words that didn't make the cut? Lazy Sundays, Lemonade, Long-sleeves, Labradors, Long, hot showers, Literary Couples, Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!, Lightning, Left-handed men.


  1. Your L for laughter is one of the cutest things I've ever read. I can just imagine it and it makes me laugh too.

  2. Being a tourist in London is so much fun. It's such an exciting city. And L=libraries! Couldn't love them more. Letters and laughter and lists and of course love are great too. Great list :D

  3. Michelle,
    Did you ever find The Hunger Games? Saw your comment on another blog...does your library in the UK have inter-library loan? I know they do that in the US...Just an idea! I have that book, I devoured it from cover to cover and cannot wait for the sequel. I also have to admit to having read(and liked) her Underland Chronicles books...even though they were written for 10 yr old boys, hehehe. great blog, I love to read too.

  4. I would have loved to see 'Lions, Tigers and Bears'. :) After all, we Oz people have to stick together...

  5. Such good answers - I'm with you on all of those!

  6. Kids waking in the night is so exhausting, I feel for you. And London is so much fun, I must go back. I too love the idea of pen pals, but know I wouldn't have time. I loved reading your responses.

  7. Hey Michelle!

    Thanks for playing over at Read Aloud Thursday! How wonderful that the newspaper is giving away free books--even if it does obligate you to read and re-read Thomas. : )

  8. GREAT list, :)
    Being a tourist in London sounds awesome..To just be there once in my life, would be a great thing...Sounds great..
    And L for Laughter...Isn't it the best thing?

  9. Tasha - Laughter really is the best thing! I never thought I'd make it to London either, look at me now!

    Amy - no problem. Next week, I PROMISE, I will participate properly.

    Hullabaloo - Thanks for the sympathies. It seems to be getting better for a few nights and then we're right back into it :(

    Leigh - thanks :)

    GreenJello - to be honest, I only thought of it just before I hit 'publish' Next time!

    Inkhearts - No, I haven't been able to read The Hunger Games as yet, and I've never looked into inter-library loans. Maybe I should!

    Nymeth - thank you! I really do love everything on my list.

    Ms Mac - it seems to happen nearly every day. I'm so lucky.


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