Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oldest Reads: Kipper's Monster

It was called Kipper's Monster. Tiger had a brand new torch and he said 'we'll camp in the woods tonight and it will be really dark in the woods.' Dark, dark, dark! And then there was a snail and it's shadow. So they went to Tiger's house and they read their book together.

Oldest puts on his 'reading voice' sometimes when he's quoting a book directly. We've read Kipper's Monster so many times that he can quote large sections of it. I was surprised that he knew the title of it though, I rarely tell him the titles ofbooks before we read them and he usually calls this book 'the ghost book, with Kipper.' It's one of those books that I think scares Oldest just a little bit, but he continually asks for it at storytime before bed.

Kipper's Monster by Mick Inkpen


  1. Ah bless him. It is so nice to see that he enjoys books so much already.

  2. Aww...that picture is seriously adorable.


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