Monday, September 14, 2009

Am I a writer?

I was tagged to do the following writerly meme by Keris. I probably would have pretended I didn't see the tag, except she said lovely things about my writing, so I couldn't. I don't really consider my little blog to be 'actual writing' and I guess I probably should. But, I'm my worst critic. So, let's begin.

Which words do you use too much in your writing?

I tried looking for a simple tag cloud generator thing, so I could easily just see the words that I use again and again, but everything in my blog list (now deleted) pretty much destroyed that idea. But I generally write how I speak, and I think that often comes across in my writing.

Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

I really couldn't say. There are certain phrases that I read that drive me up the wall, but nothing springs to mind and those things don't generally madden me for long. Maybe I'm not overly observant?

What's your favourite piece of writing by you?

My favourite post that I've written is probably this one, about my dad. I also 'enjoyed' writing about my mother, but I'll always be distracted by other emotions for it to be a favourite.

What blog post do you wish you'd written?

Anything funny. I wish I could be funny, but I will never be funny. I've learnt to accept this about myself, but I do so envy it in other people.

Regrets, do you have a few? Is there anything you wish you hadn't written?

Anything that I have written and regretted on this blog has already been removed. There have been many a deleted post around these parts. Most of the posts that have been deleted were done so for other people rather than for myself. I sometimes overshare and cross lines that affect other people in my life. I toy with the idea of another blog where I hide my identity, but I would miss you all too much for that... (also, too much work!)

How has your writing made a difference? What do you consider your most important piece of writing?

If my writing has made a difference, that it was probably only for myself. I think writing about the complications in my relationship with my mother has made a huge difference in my life, in that's it helped me to move forward within myself. I think writing about some of my other issues, such as poor self-esteem, depression etc has helped in other ways. My most important piece of writing. Tough one. I think this one, about dropping out of high school helped me a great deal. It was good to get this one out of my system. And finally, this post helped me realise a few things, going back to my mom-issues.

Name three favourite words

Is it weird that I don't have favourite words? Because I don't.

...And three words you're not so keen on

Also do not have words I don't like.

Do you have a writing mentor, role model or inspiration?

This is a subject that has been on my mind since Keris tagged me. In answer to this question, she showed a screen-grab on her computer of writerly inspirations/role models. It brought to my attention that growing up, I didn't have any strong female role models. I remember an assignment in high school where I had to stand in front of a class and give a short speech on 'heroes.' I don't have any. And I'd like to. I think my speech back in HS focused on a friend who'd had the courage to seek help in a difficult situation. But aside from that, I want someone to look up to and respect. But I can't think of anyone. Can you lovely people help me out? I'm speaking historically or famously.

In terms of my own blogging world, I do find Meg Cabot to be hilarious, if slightly crazy. I have a bit of a girl-crush on Mama Kat and wish I could be as funny as her. I'd love to be as influential as Nymeth.

In the end though, I'd have to say Keris. She was one of the first blogs I started following and at times when I didn't have access to the internet, I've had N print off her blog at work so I could read it. He still makes fun of me slightly, asking 'so, how is Keris Stainton these days?' And that's OK, even if it's a little embarassing to admit.

What's your writing ambition?

To continue writing on my little blog until I'm no longer happy doing it.

Plug alert! List any work you would like to tell your readers about:

DellaDEV_2[1]Keris's book, Della Says: OMG! WTF? is published 6 May 2010. All good bookshops. £5.99. Although it's already been reduced on Amazon.

My friend, Hillary's book, Plain Jayne is out 15 January 2010. Here's the link at Amazon.

Do the tagging thing:

How about...




The rules:

If you have time to do this meme, then please link to my original, then link to three to five other bloggers and pass it on, asking them to answer your questions and link to you. You can add, remove or change one question as you go. You absolutely do not have to be what you may think of as a "published" or "successful" writer to respond to this meme, I hope people can take the time to reflect on what their blogging has brought them and how it has been useful to others.


  1. Oh my goodness, Michelle, thank you! I can't believe you had it printed off! I'm THRILLED! :)

    And you've written so many posts that have moved me and made me think. You absolutely are a writer.

    And thanks for the plug, LOL! :)

  2. Thank you for the mention, Michelle. I'm not sure if I've ever told you this before, but I love your voice. I love how honest and brave you are. I'm glad writing this blog makes you happy, and I hope you know it makes others happy too.

  3. piddle my comment vanished :-(

    oh only got a sec - keep on blogging!!

    I will eventually get to this meme, fingers crossed


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