Friday, December 04, 2009

New version of me...

The other week, I had a haircut. It was my first in a year. Is it just me, or are the women who work in hair salons a little intimidating? No? Just me? Anyway, I needed a change. My hair has been looking so limp and lifeless. So I cut it. Here's what it looked like before...

And.. after. The lighting is pretty bad, but you can tell I chopped a lot of it off, right? What do you think? It'd take a miracle for my hair to not look wispy and horrible at the front, but I like it. It makes my head feel a lot lighter. Try not to notice what a state my living room is in.

Here's the reason why. We always go to N's work Christmas party the first weekend in December. It's a formal affair, and you get the first sneak peak of what I'll be wearing...

Isn't it pretty? I'm not much of a girly girl, but I do so love getting dressed up, going out and I get to dance for this one night. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. What a beautiful dress. (And I'm sure the haircut is great, too, it's just harder to see the detail!)

  2. Nothing like a snappy new haircut to make a girl feel like she's reinvented herself. Yours looks just right: modern, but not weird.

    I tend to cut mine drastically shorter at key junctures, and love the feeling of my head being lighter.

    Have a great time in your new 'do and dress!

  3. I need to read Neil Gaiman. What do you recommend to start with? I'm envious you have the first 6 books of the Outlander series! Though I have no room for all of them, I have the first one and have been dying to read it. I love series, I love knowing there's always more to read, but I hate starting a series when they aren't all published yet. For me, waiting for the last 4 Harry Potter's was torture!

  4. Love the cut, LOVE the dress! Have fun! I don't know what I'm wearing to the Christmas party at Danny's work, but it's sadly much less formal (being a mix of engineers, salesmen, and steel fabricators in reindeer antlers).

    Really love the dress - is it one-shouldered? Promise I won't step on the end of this one :-)

    If you're not liking how the front of your hair lays, you might try a flattening iron at the crown. Don't do the whole strand, just the first few inches or so.

    Have a great time!

  5. Looks gret! Love the dress. Hope you have fun at the party!! I have my work Christmas party coming up, but its not as fancy...

  6. The dress is beautiful and the haircut is GREAT!! Have fun at the party!

  7. Your hair is cute! the short suits you.

    And woman, I just clicked on your picture to make it bigger SPECIFICALLY to examine the state of your living room. That is CLEAN in my world. CLEAN AND SPOTLESS and white I aspire to. I am not even exaggerating a teensy bit. Seriously.

  8. Looks great! Pretty dress too. Have fun at the party!

  9. Dare I admit that I haven't set foot within a hairdressers for nearly 2 years?!!!

    BTW the dress is stunning - hope you have a wonderful time!

  10. Beautiful dress!!
    I hate getting my hair cut, but once it's done, I really love the first few weeks after a hair cut when it feels so light and free!
    And I really like how much I save on conditioner when I go shorter! :)

  11. Your hair looks great! Love the dress!

    I know the short hair might take some getting used to. It became easier for me when it came time to wash and dry but now that it has grown long again, I am thankful I can tie it back.


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