Tuesday, February 02, 2010

REVIEW: Dear Me: A Letter To My Sixteen Year-Old Self

Dear Me is a really beautiful little book. I loved the variety of contributors to this collection, actors and actresses, comedians, musicians. Some were very famous, some I didn't have a clue about, but all were interesting to read. Quite a few of them had included a photo of themselves at 16 which I was able to either giggle over or feel completely awed by. There were short letters, long letters, letters which included their own illustrations, some were hand-written. There really is something for everyone. There was some really nice reflections on body appearance, mistakes in love lives, humour, the importance of treating friends and family members well. A book to dip in and out of, you don't necessarily need to read it word for word, and you certainly don't need to read it in any particular order. However, I found that once I'd started it was really difficult for me to put Dear Me back down.

It's a lovely book, reminding us all what's important in life, looking back at our teenage years. Here's what my letter to my sixteen year old self might look like (and erm, what I did look like!):

Dear Michelle,

16 is a big year for you. Don't worry, even though your birthday was a bit of a bust doesn't mean the rest of the year will go in the same direction. Lighten up, would you? And it's OK to let people in. You're surrounded by some wonderful people and they'd all help you if only you opened your mouth and said something. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, no matter what you think. It'll do you good. And I know how much you like to think that you don't need anyone or anything, but we both know that's a big lie. Your family means everything to you, so suck it up and make peace. It'll be good for you. There are wonderful things in your future. Love, travel, children. So don't be so miserable, this time of your life won't last very long. I wish you could see how beautiful you are and how much you deserve happiness and love in your life. I know you won't believe me, but you are and you do. Keep your head up, and for god's sake, smile.

Lots of love,


What would you like to say to your sixteen year old self?


  1. What a fabulous book. I loved the picture of you at sixteen and the letter. What a fabulous idea. I think I would tell myself to lighten up too.

  2. What a beautiful idea for a book! And I like your letter to yourself. I think if it was me, I'd say something along the lines of- most things won't work out the way you expect or want them to, but that doesn't mean you won't enjoy yourself and do good things.

  3. What a great concept for a book. 16 was a turbulent time for me (I hated being a teen), so I would write to myself and beg myself to chill out. Things are MUCH better in the future. :)

    Thanks for sharing this one, and your pic is adorable!


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