Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guest Post: N on love

Today I have a very, very special guest. My husband, affectionally called 'N' on this blog. We met over 12 years ago on the Internet and despite living on two different continents, fell in love and decided to get married 10 years ago.

N can usually be found on his own blog, g r e y s q r l that showcases his photography, but today, N is here talking about love...

To the best of my knowledge, no book, movie or music has ever shaped my idea of love... without wishing to offend anyone, I think that's more of a female thing. Guys are (in my opinion) more visual creatures and, consequently more likely to lust than love. I don't think that words can have as powerful an effect on a man, as they could do on a woman. Personally, I don't tend to get emotionally attached to a character from a book or movie.

A TV series, maybe, but that's because I invest a lot more time into it. So, I don't think 'Kate and Leo... how wonderful' - I've never fallen in love with book characters or cried whilst reading a book. However, I did feel sad when Jack died in Titanic, and when Jack (yes, another Jack) in Lost realised he was dead, yes, I felt a lump in my throat. Honestly, I'm much more likely to fall in love with a gadget than a book character :)

I wouldn't say that my viewpoints of love are derived from anything I've watched or read - no, not even the time that Scott and Charlene married, and no, not the theme music to Prisoner Cell Block H (although that is one of the greatest songs ever), I think love is a natural thing developed subconsciously and shaped by the behaviour of those around you, i.e. parents and affected by other people via acceptance and rejection, I don't feel that fictional works played a part in the shaping of my feelings.

Now, the very strange thing is that all I've written above shows that I don't believe that love can be borne from words, however, my relationship with Michelle is almost entirely based on words, for that's all we had at first. Our relationship was based on various chats and emails, from questions and from answers and two people in such a relationship have nothing to rely on other than trust.

I fell in love with Michelle very soon after I started to speak to her, the more I spoke to her the more she was all I could think about, the more I thought about her, the more I loved her and, I knew that I was going to marry her way before we met. The first time we met I was so nervous, my heart was pounding away inside my chest. I couldn't stand still as I didn't want her to be able to properly see me. When we spoke I couldn't remain still, I bounced my leg like a dog wags its tail.

Love to me is natural, it's not defined, it doesn't fit in a square box. Love is just... us ;)

Aww. I love you N. And thank you. Everyone, please do visit N at g r e y s q r l!


  1. Oh, this is so wonderful. Thank you, N, for writing this!

  2. Aww you can't beat Rose and Jack x

  3. Luisa and Susan - Thank you for the comments. I thought it incredibly sweet that N guest posted for me, isn't he wonderful? :)

  4. Aww gosh, now that's is one heck of a post. Your hubby is super sweet for guest posting on your blog - his love for you just shines through. Such a lucky woman you are Michelle :)

  5. This is so lovely :)
    A great way to come to the end of love month.
    You two are an inspiration x

  6. Tammy - Isn't he sweet? I was thrilled to bits that he wanted to write something for me :)

    Fiona - Thank you for saying so :)


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