Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest Post: Portia and Vance

Hello and welcome to my blog today, Susan K Mann! I've recently started reading Susan's blog and I love the mixture of her content, from the books she reads, posts about her children to her writing. There's always something interesting to read! It's an honour to have you Susan...

I normally blog over at SusanKMann which is my own blog, where I blog about my life as a mother of two gorgeous boys, being a wife, working, book reviews and my writing when I can. It’s a little varied to say the least. Come by for a visit sometime.

Love, now what can I write about? My love for Damon Salvatore, now that would be boring, me
gushing on about how hot he is? How sexy Edward Cullen is in the books, not so sure about the
films? No, none of them are right. I decided to write on one of my favourite couple in love and a poem about their first kiss.

My favourite book couple in love is Portia Mullins and Vance Magnum from Lacey Weatherford’s Of Witches and Warlocks series.

Of Witches and Warlocks, is a series of books written by my favourite author Lacey Weatherford. She is an amazing and talented writer, not to mention a wonderful wife and fantastic mother to six, yes six children. How she finds the time to write as well I will never know, but I’m grateful she does.

Lacey has created a strong, role model worth, protagonist called Portia Mullins. Portia is an ordinary teenager, living an ordinary life until she reaches her sweet sixteen birthday. Instead of being given a dress or some frivolous gift, she is told she is a witch. A very powerful witch at that. She is a descendant form a long line of witches and warlocks on her father’s side.

Her Grandmother is the high priestess of a coven, in which she meets Vance Magnum. A leather clad, motorbike riding, bad boy. Who turns out to be her soul mate, they are destined to be together. But fate, throws a few spanners in the works.

The chemistry and romance is breathtakingly deep, as Portia struggles to balance love, life, magic, family and being a teenager.

First Kiss

Standing face to face,
Our eyes lock,
Our heads tilt before the embrace,

The butterflies in my stomach flap intensely,
The anticipation of what is to become overwhelms me,
The hairs at the back of my neck start to tingle,

We move closer,
I feel your breath on my lips,
A shiver goes down my spine,

Our lips touch,
And the butterflies become bats,
The tingling becomes electrified,

Our kiss becomes more intense,
I intertwine my fingers in your hair,
Our breathing becomes faster, becomes one,

Then it’s over, WOW...

AWWW, Thank you Susan. That was lovely :) I really, desperately need to pick up this book that so many people are raving about! It sounds fab. Please stop by Susan's blog and say hello!


  1. Thanks for posting this. You really should get this book. Glad you enjoyed the post. thank you for having me. x

  2. Thank YOU Susan! Also, I've already added it to my amazon wishlist :) It sounds fantastic.

  3. What a beautiful poem! I grinned from ear to ear when I read it!! Thank you so much Susan! I think it is wonderful!! XO!

  4. Aww Susan that is such a nice poem!

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm



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