Saturday, February 26, 2011

Romantic Couples from history, continued

Victoria and Albert - I always thought of Queen Victoria as a dour woman, which is why I was suprised when Victoria and Albert's great love story kept popping up again and again when researching for this blog post. Despite their marriage being arranged, Victoria and Albert shared a passionate and committed relationship. Albert pushed Victoria into being a better queen, and they both adored each other. I love the idea of such a sweet and uncomplicated relationship. When Albert died, Victoria mourned for 40 years.

Marie and Pierre Curie
- I know very little about Marie or Pierre Curie. I know even less about the work that they did with radioactivity and in the field of science, but I just love the idea of Marie Curie advancing so far and recieving such acknowledgement. And the idea of their marriage surviving over the course of the important work that they discovered and pioneered is pretty awe-inspiring. I resolve to learn more about science and this couple!

Elizabeth and Robert Browning
- Turns out that I know very little about romantic couples outside of YA fiction! I've just recently read about the relationship between Elizabeth Barret Browning and Robert Browning... after reading poetry from Elizabeth, the two struck up a correspondence together in which they fell in love. Despite Elizabeth being six years older than Robert, being an invalid and against the wishes of her father, Elizabeth and Robert married. The period of time that they spent together has produced such beautiful poetry.

Which romantic couples have touched your heart?


  1. i thought of one for you William Halsted inventor of surgical rubber gloves (yes this is going somewhere) invented them because the stuff they used during surgery hurt his nurse/fiance's hands and he wanted to stop her from dealing with it.

  2. Oh Kirsty, you make me laugh :) But yes, that does sound very romantic.. Aww.

  3. tis educational fun - to be fair happens to be lesson I have been planning most recently!!


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