Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sidney Bristow (Awesome Women)

Recently, I wrote a post in which I discussed what I'd like to be when I grow up, and my absolute favourite response from any of my readers is from Shadowfalcon, who said she wants to be Sidney Bristow when she grows up. I had to laugh. But I have to admit, I want the same thing.

When I talk about my favourite television programmes, I almost always mention My So-Called Life because the angst of it stands out in my head the most. But if I really thought about it, then Alias would definitely be in my top 5. I thought the action scenes were incredible, the characters superb. I love the fast pace of it all and in the early seasons, I really loved the relationship between Sidney and Vaughn. But my main reason for loving the show so utterly and completely? The absolute amazing character that is Sidney Bristow.

I adore her, I really do. First of all, Jennifer Garner, who plays Sidney Bristow is absolutely gorgeous. It isn't like she's the most beautiful woman in the world but still, I can't take my eyes off her.

Second of all, she's one of the most kick-ass characters ever created! I love that she's incredibly smart and able to quickly think her way out of problems. I love that she's able to fight and look after herself in tricky situations. I love that speaks a gajillion languages. She has loads of physical demands on her life within her job, but she has a lot of emotional demands as well.

Her relationship with her father (and rest of the family!), hiding her double-agent status from her circle of friends, and of course the death of her fiance in the first episode! There is so much that Sidney goes through and she does it all with grace and determination.

I just love the premise of the show so much. Sidney Bristow is recruited at university into this secret government agency. She's taught to fight and handle weapons, she learns a ton of languages and can think quickly and handle herself in difficult situations. Then she learns that instead of working for the government, she is in fact a part of a huge crime organisation and becomes a double-agent working with both the crime SD-6 and the CIA.

But I admit, part of the reason I love the show so much is a little shallow - I absolutely ADORE seeing the 10 million different aliases and different outfits that Sidney Bristow gets through. Love it entirely.

Who is your favourite kick-ass television character?


  1. I totally agree! I love Alias and Jenifer Garner! :D She is gorgeous!

  2. I loved Alias, but I don't think I watched the last series, I never found it on TV. She had such fantastic outfits, but the original red wig was my favourite.

    My favourite kick-ass TV character has to be Buffy. No competition there ever!

  3. Buffy for me, too! Or any other character from the Buffy Scoobies. They were all pretty kick-ass in their own way.
    Great post - thank you!

  4. Very pleased I'm not the only one who feels this way :-)
    Btw you'd make an awesome spy, but if course this could all be a very elaborate cover...

  5. Raimy - Isn't she? I have a real strong desire to rewatch the entire show now.

    Julianne - Whilst I still loved the show no matter what, I did enjoy the first few seasons more than the rest. Once it got into the Rembaldi conpiracies and the prophecies my interest started waning..

    Luisa - I love Buffy as well and will definitely be doing a post about the kick-ass female characters from that show. :)

    Shadowfalcon - You are totally not the only one. *I* want to be Sidney Bristow :) And I did laugh at me being a spy, how awesome would that be?!

  6. I loved Sidney too! She's such a great character and the whole cast worked so well together.

  7. Avid Reader - Oh you are so right. The entire cast was just perfect.


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