Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movies I love to watch (and re-watch!)

There are some great movies out there. Movies that are emotional and intelligent. Or movies that are witty or funny, movies that are well directed or acted. ... And then there are my comfort films, usually of a romantic nature - Say Anything, for instance, (I could watch me some Loyd Dobler just about any day), which soothes the romantic in me.

And then there are movies that are just sheer fun to watch. And these are the movies that put a smile on my face or remind me of happy things. I love to watch (and re-watch!) them endlessly. Some I have, others I just wish I had.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
- Growing up, this film was definitely one of my favourites. I just love the idea of it - how much fun would it be to have complete freedom and control like these kids do? I found it really fun and funny and my shallow side loves all of the fashion as well as the really cute romance. It's been far too long since I've seen this film, I must rectify that!

The Craft
- I can't even put into words how much I love The Craft. I think it's just a brilliant movie which blends friendship and witchcraft and evil gone wrong so well. It came out when I was teenager going through my own embarassing witch phase (don't judge me!) so it was perfect timing. I just love everything about it and I am always in the mood to watch this film. Why do I not own it?!

Empire Records
- I'm sure I've mentioned it ten million times already, but there are certain things that will always attract me to a story, whether it be written in books or viewed through television or movies - and that's belonging. I love the idea of finding a place like Empire Records where this mad group of misfits are able to find a place where they belong. How cool is that? And despite their petty (and funny!) arguments, they are all great friends. Who fight against the man and have cool parties and sing on the roof. I love this film.

- This one is a definite favourite from my childhood. I just love it so. I always wanted to be big when I was little. I was always too young or too short or too little to do all the cool things my older brother was allowed to do (stay up late, go on scary rollercoasters etc). So of course I love the idea of growing up and living in apartment in NYC filled with toys and trampolines and getting a job playing with toys. How fun would that be?

- And then there's this film. All the others make me happy in some way, either reminding me of my childhood or filling some hole in my heart. Those other films are very escapist for me and what Crazy/Beautiful does is brings me back to some of the more difficult issues and feelings that I try to hide as best as I can. I don't know about you, but I find it very difficult to express some of my emotions and sometimes I use reading or watching films as an excuse to live through other people's experiences in order to work through my own issues. And I manage to do that very well with this film as it touches on subjects very close to my own heart. Plus, I have a little crush on Jay Hernandez!

So those are my top movies that I love to watch time and time again. What are yours?


  1. Great post. I haven't seen most of these films, but I find that Big is one of those films I can't change the channel away from. I've only seen Crazy/Beautiful once, but I loved it and I think it's about time I watched it again :) Thank you for the prompt!

  2. Ha, I rewatch so many of these. Empire Records I adore. Lucas!

    I'd add to these The Princess Bride, and The Breakfast Club...and so many more I can't even remember right now.

  3. All of these are movies I watch EVERY TIME I run across them on TV. I also own some of them as I could watch Empire Records every single day of my life.

    Great post!

  4. I haven't seen Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead in years. I love Empire Records and The Craft.

  5. Mine would be Princess Bride, Ladyhawke, A Knight's Tale, Star Wars, Napoleon Dynamite, Batman Begins... just to name a few....

  6. I haven't actually seen any of these! My favourites that I've seen loads of times are Harry Potter (all), Grease, The Wedding Planner!

  7. I just watched The Craft for the first time earlier this month -- I thought it was so fun. And Empire Records is a film I go back to over and over when I'm feeling sad. It always cheers me up.

  8. Jenni - Oh I could watch Big over and over again without any trouble at all! I hope you enjoy Crazy/Beautiful as much the second time..

    teabelly - I should have mentioned, that this movie post is going to split up into different parts. I already talked about some favourite fairy tale movies (where I included Princess Bride) and I'll be writing another one on 80s movies, which would definitely include The Breakfast Club! :)

    Andi - Ha! You and me both. Though I do wish I came across more of these films on regular tv :(

    Linda - Oh I haven't either! I'm not even sure what made me think of it..?

    Suey - I don't think I've even ever herd of Ladyhawke! And I've never seen Napoleon Dynamite, whoops :) My son keeps pestering me to let him watch Star Wars though, so I think I'll be watching that in the very near future..

    Cliona - Oh I do so love Grease! Which one is The Wedding Planner? Is that the one with Jennifer Lopez?

    Jenny - Did you? Awesome. So much love for Empire Records!

  9. I have shamefully never watched any of these movies :$ I suppose I should if you think they're awesome!
    Here's my list of top movies:



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