Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Post: Mia James' Favourite Vampires

I'm really pleased today to host the final stop in the Darkness Falls blog tour! Mia James is here today talking about her favourite vampires - and who to cast as Gabriel or Benjamin?

Who is your favourite vampire? And who do you picture Gabriel or Benjamin as?!
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Over to you Mia...

Hmm...Brad Pitt? Tom Cruise?


Which to choose?

One of the most useful exercises a writer can do when you're beginning a novel is ask yourself 'who would play this character in a movie version of the story?' - that way you can get a first picture of them in your head.

When I was writing By Midnight, I pictured April as played by Romola Garai when she was in 'I Capture the Castle' and April's best friend Caro as Heather Matarazzo who played Lily, the side-kick in 'The Princess Diaries'. That was just the starting point of course and as the story developed April and Caro took on a life of their own, especially in the second Ravenwood book Darkness Falls where their friendship is stretched to breaking point.

But when it came to the male leads - brooding, mysterious Gabriel and blue-eyed smooth-talking Benjamin - it was harder to pin them down. Here are a few of the movie vampires I auditioned for their parts:

Brad Pitt. As Louis in Interview With The Vampire, Brad should have been the perfect vampire, but the silly hair and the weird squeaky voice were a bit of a turn-off.

Similarly, Tom Cruise is a bit too fey, possibly because of all the lace. Antonio Banderas is by far the sexiest vamp in this film.

Stephen Dorff. He's super-cool in the first Blade film, even covered in blood. And he takes his top off a lot.

Kiefer Sutherland. Way before becoming Jack Bauer in 24, Keef was blonde and seductive in The Lost Boys, where the vampires all lived in a 'party cave' and rode motorbikes. Wasn't keen on his scratchy little beard, though.

David Boreanaz. As Angel, he was suitably dark and brooding, looks good in a long overcoat and has a deeply troubled past, but in Buffy, Spike ended up being more interesting - the bad boys are more sexy, aren't they?

Sadly none of them were quite Gabriel or Benjamin. But then that's where books trump Hollywood every time, isn't it? - you can use your imagination to cast the story however you like.


  1. Great post, really good selection of vampires to choose from :)

  2. Ah! The Lost Boys. Used to be one of my favourite films.

  3. YAY! I really adore this guest post, thank you so much Mia :) I couldn't squeeze in a photo of Antonio Banderas, but I so agreed with you about him..

  4. Good choices, I'd have to add the new one of Damon Salvatore. Love this tour and this book. x


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