Thursday, December 08, 2011

REVIEW: Betrayal by Lee Nichols

I was so excited to read Betrayal, the second book in the Haunting Emma series by Lee Nichols. The first book, Deception, was a huge surprise for me and I loved being so utterly gripped and addicted to finishing a book like I was with that book.

And while Betrayal is every bit as exciting and interesting and action-packed as the first book, I felt like a little of the exciting new-ness was missing in this book, which was a shame. Still, I enjoyed it enormously. We have Emma Vaile, a teenage girl, who has learned that she's the most powerful ghostkeeper in hundreds of years. As Emma is facing a huge battle and the threat of evil Neos, she rallies together with a group of friendly ghosts and other ghostkeepers in order to train, prepare and gather whatever knowledge they can.

I really loved the tenseness between Emma and Bennett Stern in the previous book, whereas Betrayal sees them more apart as the temptation of being together is too great for them to handle. If they are together, the weaker ghostkeeper (Bennett) will lose his powers and that cannot happen before he avenges his sister's death. While I was really keen to see more heart-break and drama between Emma and Bennett, I'm not entirely sure I'm liking where this relationship is going. I can only wait desperately for the third book in the series to find out for sure!

We know from the title of the book that someone close to Emma will betray her and I loved guessing (and getting it wrong!) who the traitor is. There's so many wonderful characters that surround Emma, from Natalie, to the Rake, to Coby her recently dead friend.

I thought Betrayal was an excellent second book in the series, one that ties together plotlines from the first book, has enough development and mystery to keep my entertained throughout the book and that left me eager in anticipation for the third book! Let's hope it's soon!

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