Thursday, January 03, 2013

REVIEW: Night School Legacy by CJ Daugherty

Ooh, I was really looking forward to reading this second book in the Night School series by CJ Daugherty.  I really loved Night School, with its secrets and creepy boarding school setting and with Legacy, everything just felt more.  The risk of danger felt greater, the excitement was at a higher level, and because I knew these characters, I felt myself growing that much more emotionally invested.  Legacy is a fantastic sequel and this series has quickly become one of my favourites!

I really love Allie as a main character.  She's funny and feisty and in this book she's really doing her best to be able to protect herself and to find out the answers to those burning questions she has about Night School and her family.  But she's also got it a bit tough, with friendships, relationships and knowing who to trust. 

The first scene in Night School Legacy was really intense, as Allie is being tracked and hunted by these unknown men in suits.  It got my heartrate beating fast and was a brilliant way to start this rollercoaster ride of a book.  I do very much love Cimmeria Academy.  I love the idea of boarding schools and this one in particular with its shady secret society is wonderful.  Because of the events in the previous book and the fact that Allie was targeted at the start of the book, the whole book is set up with Allie and the reader questioning who to trust? And to make matters worse, Allie is forced to interrogate the person she is closest to.

Which leads me to mention something about Allie's confused relationship status.  I really loved Carter in the first book. He's the bad boy who sneaks out and breaks the rules.  He sticks up for Allie when Sylvain's brain takes a vacation at the formal ball in the previous book.  But can Allie really trust Carter? Can she see past his protectiveness and rely on him to be there still? And despite the way in which Sylvain acted that one time, Allie can see how much Sylvain has done since then to make up for his terrible behaviour.  I really enjoyed how much my feelings about both Carter and Sylvain change throughout reading this book.  I know some people are weary of love triangles, but for me, I'm still for them when they are written this well.  I've read both books in this series so far and while I had periods of knowing definitely that one boy was better suited to Allie than the other, now I'm not so sure. It could go either way and I'm on the edge of my seat to find out...

But this book is definitely more than just romantic involvements.  There's lots to be learned about Night School and who Allie's grandmother is.  There's the return of some dubious characters, a death, some heart-stopping action scenes and plenty of rule-breaking going on.  Night School Legacy is an exciting, action-packed sequel and I urge you all to pick this series up!


  1. What you say about this book gives me great hope with Sylvain. Thanks for the review (:


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