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Jasprit from The Readers Den (Celebrating British Bloggers)

Saturdays have long been my favourite day in terms of blogging because Saturdays mean introducing you to another fabulous British blogger! 

Today, it is my pleasure to have Jasprit from The Readers Den here.  Jasprit is part of a blogging duo at a fabulous blog. I haven't been reading the blog long, but already I have begun to look forward to the many wonderful reviews on The Readers Den! Please visit the following websites to connect further with Jasprit...

The Readers Den ... Jasprit on Goodreads ... Jasprit on Twitter 

First, can you tell me something about yourself and your blog?

Hi I’ve been blogging for around six months now. I’m a huge contemporary girl at heart, so there’s nothing I enjoy more than coming back from a long day at work and curling up with a good contemporary book. Blogging has given me the chance to share my passion about contemporary books and to discover so many great contemporaries that I would never have heard of.

How did you begin being a book blogger?

I’d wanted to start my own blog for a while now but didn’t know where to begin. So I started off posting my reviews to Goodreads. It was here where I discovered so many awesome bloggers such as Nomes from Inkcrush, Flannery from the Readventurer and Sam from Realm of Fiction. Sam was the one who encouraged me to give it a shot. I was extremely nervous at first, where would I begin? Would I have the time to maintain my blog? And would anyone want to read my reviews? I have Sam to thank for how far my blog has come, without her I never would have had a blog in the first place or discovered the fantastic world of blogging.

When you're not reading or blogging, what do you do with yourself?

I have two jobs that take up all of my time, so it’s basically trying to fit in everything around them. I’m a huge sports fan so when I’m not reading, blogging or working you’ll find me absorbed into a game whether it be on the TV or at my local rugby ground.

What was the first book you reviewed on your blog?

The first book I reviewed on my blog was Kiss, Crush, and Collide by Christina Meredith. I remember having high hopes for this one, the cover was gorgeous, and it had a promising premise. But in the end it ended up being a bit of a disappointment.

What has been the best experience of being a book blogger so far?

Having wonderful authors whose books I’ve adored stop by on the blog with amazing posts. I’ve had debut authors Lisa Burstein and Kate Avelynn share their influences behind their books and their playlists for writing their books. My highlight was when Courtney Summers agreed to do an interview for me, I’d absolutely loved Courtney’s This is Not a Test so it was mind blowing to get the chance to have her answer my questions.

You can do it, what is your absolute favourite book?

This is such a tough question narrowing it down to just one book! I’d probably choose Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella. It has everything that makes a book for me; a sweet romance and laugh out loud moments. It’s a book I can read over and over again and never get tired of.

If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would you choose?

Heather Wells from Meg Cabot’s Heather Wells series, danger seems to follow Heather everywhere and so I know my time with her would always be full of drama and excitement. Also she is one of the funniest characters around and an ex pop star? Bonus!

Name your top 5 UK book bloggers!

Sam from Realm of Fiction 

She’s a wonderful blogger and friend! We’ve had the chance to take part in several fun read-alongs and she’s always been on hand when I’m messing around with the blog. She writes the best reviews; always informative and honest. You should see my tbr pile thanks to her great recommendations. You should definitely check her blog out.

Donna and Jess from Book Passion for Life.

An awesome blogging team who always have fresh and fun posts on their blog.

Jess from Jess Hearts Books.

Jess is my read-athon partner, we’ve tackled two great read-athons this year and with her encouragement I’ve been able to get through quite a pile. She’s a lovely girl and has a great taste in books. (She loves ya contemporary too!)

Jo from  Wear the Old Coat. 

This girl is absolutely hilarious, her blog is always full with unique posts and hysterical reviews!

Leanna from Daisy Chain Book Reviews. 

Leanna was one of the first blogs I’d discovered before I’d joined Goodreads, I remember thinking I wish I had her flair and passion too! Her blog is brilliant!

If you could meet your favourite author, who would you like to meet?

Again such a tough question, I have so many favourites! I would probably have to say Meg Cabot. I absolutely adore her writing I have a whole book shelf dedicated to her books, she’s just fantastic! Knowing me I’d probably wouldn’t be able to talk when I meet her! I’d be so star struck!

What would you like to see more of or less of in YA?

More sports related in ya, I’m a big sports fan and so far have only read two books with sports related themes in them; Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker which I loved! I’d definitely like to see less of the insta –love it seems to be creeping up everywhere it puts me off a book completely. Also neat endings that’s a big no no for me, I know people like their happily ever afters but I prefer endings which are left open so you can make your own interpretation or even ones which end in cliff-hangers. I rather be left hanging wanting more than everything to be neatly resolved.

And finally, who is your ultimate book crush? 

I actually have a shelf dedicated to this on my Goodreads. So I have no idea how I’m going to narrow it down to one. However after much deliberating I would have to say Alex from Sarah Alderson’s Lila series. I’ll leave you with a teaser just to give you a little insight into why he’s my favourite.

“A few minutes later, Alex wandered through in a clean pair of shorts and bare feet, water still trickling down his neck from his bristling hair. My stomach did a one-eighty flip as I caught sight of the ridges of muscle running down his torso. The he pulled on a t-shirt and I sighed audibly”

Thank you so much Clover for having me on your blog!

Thank you so much, Jasprit, for those wonderful answers! I'm a huge fan of Meg Cabot AND Sophie Kinsella. And Alex from Sarah Alderson's books! :) Totally agree with you on wanting more sports in my YA as well...

Would you like to see more sports in YA? Would you love to meet Meg Cabot? Have you interviewed a favourite author on your blog? Do you fancy the pants off Alex? Let Jasprit and I know in comments!


  1. Aww Jasprit! Thanks so much for mentioning me! You know you are one of my favourite bloggers, too, and I'm so thrilled to be able to call you a friend. The Reader's Den is one of my favourite places to be. :) I have a whole shelf dedicated to my book crushes too, and Alex is definitely on it. I love that little teaser you shared! It makes me want to re-read the Lila series. :)

  2. Meg Cabot is a good choice! I wouldn't mind meeting her either! I totally agree with Alex! He IS amazing! I loved Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker because of their sport too and thought it was explained really well. Great interview! :)

  3. Thanks for the mention Jasprit! So lovely of you and you know how much I love your blog too. Funnily enough Michelle swapped me Catching Jordan I'll really have to read it soon.


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