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Character Advice: Vendetta by Catherine Doyle Blog Tour

I'm very happy today to be part of the blog tour for Vendetta by Catherine Doyle! I absolutely loved Vendetta and I think it's the start of a very exciting trilogy. I fell into this story and was very quickly wrapped up in these characters and their relationships with each other. I thought there were plenty of twists and surprises and I'm pretty desperate to find out more.  The Blood For Blood trilogy has just become one of my new recent favourite series! I really highly recommend you pick up this book and find out for yourself... 

You can read my review of Vendetta here, if you like, otherwise the product description: 

Sophie's life changes the moment five brothers move into the house next door. Irresistibly drawn to bad boy, Nic, she finds herself caught between two warring underworld families: her own and the one she is falling in love with. Whichever side she chooses, a debt of blood will spill and hearts will break.

About the author

Catherine Doyle's debut YA novel, Vendetta, is inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and classic Mafia culture. It takes place in modern-day Chicago, where Catherine’s mother grew up. Catherine first had the idea for VENDETTA when drifting off to sleep one night, when five brothers popped into her head and have stayed there ever since. Catherine Doyle was born in Ireland in 1990, she lives in Galway and is available for interview and events.

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Character Advice: Vendetta

I love when authors blog about what they would say to their characters if they could have a conversation with them. I've thought about this too and have come up with a few kernels of wisdom for my unruly fictional people. Admittedly, if they actually heeded any of this advice, my story would be a lot less exciting, so I’m glad it’s all being discussed in the hypothetical realm! 
Anyways, here’s what I would say: 

Dear Sophie,
Sometimes people do bad things because they have to, and sometimes people do bad things because they want to. Learn to tell the difference, and don’t waste your time on the latter.

Dear Nic,
Life is for living, not avenging. Also, chill out a bit more. 

Dear Luca,
Where you come from doesn’t have to define who you become.

Dear Valentino,
Don’t let yourself become the mask you wear. 

Dear Gino,
Get a hair-cut, dammit.

Dear Dom, 
Apologise to Millie.

Dear Millie,
Don’t accept Dom’s apology. And don’t let your main focus in life be about not being alone. You’re a good friend.

Dear Michael,
Tell the truth.

Dear Felice,
Be less calculated.
Dear Jack,
Money comes and goes, but you only get one family. Prioritize better.

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle out now in paperback (£7.99, Chicken House). Find out more about the author at and


  1. I love this. I am really enjoying this book at the moment.

    1. Wonderful book, isn't it?! I'm glad you're enjoying, Viv! x


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