Friday, February 17, 2006


So, in the last few days I've had zero inspiration in writing new entries here, so why was I so bothered that blogger went down for a little while this morning? I have no idea. The principle, I guess :) It's a little offputting as well that no one comments, but I've said to a few people now, that I write this under the assumption that no-one reads it, but I'm really trying to cover my back so I don't feel bad when I finally do realise that actually, people do read my blog and have no interest in it.


  1. NO inspiration for writing new blogs??? You write more blog entries in a week than I do in a month! BUt that is good. Hey I hope you are doing well! We'll talk later, maybe even on skype!

  2. Hey Diane! Tried Skype just now and you weren't on. I just didn't want this blog to peter off like the last one did..


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