Wednesday, February 22, 2006


And in other news, I've just agreed to my third ReadItSwapIt thing, and am waiting for 'House of Sleep' by Jonathan Coe. I saw it once when I was working at WHSmith and it looked sort of interesting. I saw on the website the other day that someone had 'Dead Poet's Society' but the book was gone the next day, and I've been looking almost hourly to see if it's been put back on (no luck, obviously) and now I'm desperate to read it. I might even brave the horrible weather to walk down to both local libraries if I have to wait much longer. There was another book I saw that I wanted to read, but my request wasn't accepted. What was it? It was another book made into a movie.... Just checked, was 'The Virgin Suicides' Seriously people, send your book recommendations my way!


  1. I've got The Virgin Suicides, but I haven't read it yet. I'll read it soon and then you're welcome to it (unless I love it beyond all other books, of course!).

    Thanks for commenting on my blog (and thanks for the book). I'm loving your blog; going to add it to my bloglines thingy.

  2. Thank you, but I managed to get hold of a copy already. Only about halfway through it, it's good - but I'm just in a weird mood and can't finish it. Do you ever get that? I've added your blog to my links as well :)

  3. Thank you! I loved The House of Sleep too, btw!


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