Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh my god

I am such a big fan of children's books, and I love movies - so wonderful for me, two of my favourite books, Stormbreaker and Eragon are being made into movies this year! I can not wait! I loved the Alex Rider spy series by Anthony Horowitz and think it'll make a brilliant movie, and Eragon! Love it.


  1. Hey speaking of Eragon, I have a few good friends in Montana who know the guy who wrote those books. Do you know (if I have my facts right) that he was just a teenager when he wrote that book?

  2. Yay! I now know someone who knows someone who knows Christopher Paolini! :) That's really cool though - yeah, I think he was 15 when he wrote it and a little older when it was published. He's taken some criticism from other people I know because a lot of what's in his books were similar to established authors already, but since I've never read any of those authors, I adored his books, and I think if done correctly, it'll make a great film, bring on next December.. (which is when I think it's out?)


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