Friday, March 24, 2006


So, anyway. Because Blogger is so incredibly unstable, I managed to lose two of my posts over the last few days. I can't be bothered to write them again, though - so here are the main points: I had a hassle organising my husband's birthday, and HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my husband (who doesn't currently know the address to this blog, hmm.) It was a nice day though. The next day (supposedly on his 'holiday') we did all this work moving to where we are now. I think I mentioned it already, but it's very strange living somewhere else. Everything feels uncomfortable and too different. This is part of why I hate moving. Especially in with someone else who already feels comfortable in their own place, and already does things certain ways. It just messes everyone up. It's just temporary until we can sell both houses.. and then the fun begins again. Something to look forward to.

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