Friday, April 28, 2006

Me and Baking

So, awhile ago - maybe a few months? I started baking. I love baking smells, and well - eating baked goods. Plus, I loved the idea of being that mother who has freshly baked cookies or whatever for my children when they get home from school. It's relaxing and somewhat soothing measuring out ingredients and sifting flour. But, that's where the fun ends. For me, at least. Because I'm new to all of this, things never work out just right the first time around. I realise and except the fact, but it doesn't stop me getting really down when the cake doesn't rise or the cupcakes end up lumpy and unattractive. I hate (myself?) when I've really tried, and still ended up not putting enough yeast or sugar and to me it means total disaster, like baking is a symbol of something else, and I've failed at it.


  1. I once set the oven on fire trying to bake.. It was bad..

  2. :) Sounds terrible. I melt TWO!!! (two DIFFERENT occasions) pots and the lids trying to steam vegetables when I was younger - I didn't put any water in them either time! Oops.


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